Our purpose is to improve our clients’ power systems. All our products are selected around this goal and we support this by providing specialist services:

Training courses on the components and systems used in power system compensation and harmonic filtering can be provided on an individual or group level. These courses normally extend over two days and deliver specific, detailed knowledge on the products we offer and the tools needed to implement and use them.

Measurement of power quality involves more than simply connecting a recording device. Our staff has decades of experience so we can plan, execute and report on complex power quality measurements that are tailored to the application and of real use in subsequent analysis and reporting. We own our own top tier, fully calibrated measurement systems to ensure maximum confidence in timing and results.

Power system analysis is the key to ensuring that any problem is understood, possible solutions are evaluated in detail, solutions are designed and rated correctly, and implementations meet expectations. The importance of having the specialist skills required to carry out detailed and comprehensive power system studies cannot be emphasised enough. Our team uses the best power system analysis tools available to carry out load flow and fault level studies, harmonic impact and filter design studies, switching and transient analysis and network stability studies, enabling us to work closely with clients and their consultants to design, engineer and deliver the best power compensation and solutions available.

Detailed design services are provided as part of turnkey solutions. We can provide detailed engineering design covering all aspects of primary and secondary design for medium and high voltage applications, specifically relating to the products we supply. For example, primary and secondary design of high voltage capacitor bank bays including support structures, busbars, conductors, ancillary equipment such a disconnectors and earth switches, circuit breakers, instrument transformers – everything needed for a turnkey installation of the required products.

Site installation, supervision and commissioning services are available, with factory-training engineers and installation supervisors at hand to ensure installation proceeds to supplier instructions and to ensure a smooth project delivery. Familiarity with the products enables us to address any site or installation issues immediately, and a strong local team ensures that we work within the health, safety and environmental requirements of our clients at all times.