High voltage capacitor units

We offer three-phase or single phase high voltage capacitor units, surge capacitors and induction heating capacitors. Our capacitor units are constructed using polypropylene all-film dielectric impregnated with bio-degradable, non-pcb and non-chlorine dielectric liquid.

Each unit consists of several elements connected in series and parallel to achieve the required voltage and reactive power rating. Elements can each be fitted with an internal fuse, and capacitor units typically contain an internal discharge resistor.

The units have porcelain bushings that are welded to the stainless steel containers. Three-phase high voltage capacitor units can be manufactured up to 8 kV line voltage and up to 850 kvar per unit.
Single phase high voltage capacitor can be manufactured up to 13 800 V with internal fuses, and higher voltages without fuses, and with reactive power rating to approximately 1 000 kvar. All units are low-loss, light-weight and comply with most national and international standards.

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