Air core reactors

Air core reactors provide a linear response of impedance at all currents — an important requirement in many applications. Our dry type air core reactors are maintenance free and environmentally friendly. The reactors can be used in many applications, but the design and construction follow the same pattern in each case. Several aluminium conductors connected in parallel are wound in epoxy impregnated fibreglass filaments, forming cylinders. One or more of these cylinders are connected in parallel between aluminium spiders. The resin is cured and the reactor is carefully painted to form a perfect weather seal and to provide long term protection against UV.

Our reactors have been extensively type tested against various national and international standards including IEC60076 and AS/NZS1028, including short time tests at KEMA. We can provide all the necessary accessories and design guides to ensure your application is well engineered, from corona rings and bird barriers, to magnetic field strength studies and seismic design verification.

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