Renewable generation

The financial viability of your project depends on correct site selection, appropriate turbine technology, and the ability to connect to the electricity network in an economical, compliant and reliable manner. We have studied wind farm and other renewable energy generation grid connections for several years and understand the complexities of your project cycle, including the need for price information early in the project development, expert assistance in the design of the grid connection, and the technical requirements of steady state and transient behaviour of the project. Our medium and high voltage filter banks, power factor correction and shunt reactors provide the backbone of your solutions in this area.

Integration of wind and solar energy into power grids has constantly increased over the last couple of decades. However, wind and solar farms need to comply with grid connection criteria in order to be connected. In varying voltage conditions, the ability to dynamically provide or absorb reactive power is an essential requirement imposed by many utilities. A failure to meet the criteria may destabilise the grid and lead to blackouts. Active filters, statcoms, and uninterrupted power quality systems address these problems. Benefits to our customers are clear:

  • Excellent Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT)
  • Compliance with other exacting grid code criteria
  • Integration of renewable resources into grid
  • The control of reactive power/voltage with a STATCOM at the grid connection point instead of individual DC/AC converters can reduce losses