Zero power harmonic filters

Harmonic filters remove harmonic current from the network and improve load power factor. Some applications require harmonic mitigation without any significant reactive power contribution, for example when non-linear loads operate at close to unity power factor and the network cannot accept leading reactive power.

ONE has designed, delivered and tested solutions based on harmonic filters that draw current only at harmonic frequencies, and describe the design and steady state and transient performance in a technical note. The outcome is a passive filter circuit that is an effective solution of harmonic distortion yet that draws almost no fundamental frequency current, and has no onerous switching requirements.

Please contact us if more information is required.

Magnetic fields around air core reactors

Air core reactors are commonly used as shunt reactors, fault current limiting reactors, tuning reactors in capacitor banks, or as thyristor controlled reactors in static compensators. They don’t saturate, are virtually maintenance free and are light and easy to install.

The magnetic field established as a result of the current flowing through the reactor is not constrained to a core as is the case with iron core reactors — instead air core reactors are surrounded by a magnetic field that requires some care in design and application.

We have produced an application note that will assist end users of air core reactors and their consultants in the process of procurement, substation layout design and operation of the equipment.

Optimised Network Equipment has the necessary experience, analytical tools and engineering resources to assist you in all aspects of your air core reactor application.

Launch of active harmonic filter range

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our product range.

The MaxSine Compact active harmonic filter offers the latest technology in a compact design that is packed with features. Here is a short list:

  • Ultra fast compensation with response times less than 1 ms
  • Compensation of harmonic current or reactive power or both
  • Ability to balance line currents
  • Three-wire and four-wire (three phase and neutral) solutions available
  • Operation with open loop, closed loop and summation CT solutions
  • Dual operation modes enables completely separate setups under emergency conditions

The MaxSine Compact communicates by means of an Ethernet connection and can easily be remotely accessed and controlled via an internet connection.

With applications in all commercial, industrial and mining sectors, we invite you to review the documentation of the device, and contact us if you have any questions.