ONE participates in the DIgSILENT User Group meeting in Sydney on 5-6 September 2013

Having the right tools for the job is essential, and when the job is to carry out complex harmonic filter design studies then the choice of the best power system analysis tools is critical. At Optimised Network Equipment we make extensive use of DIgSILENT PowerFactory for network analysis, allowing us to offer services ranging from compliance studies, conceptual design of solutions, and all the way to detailed engineering design covering aspects of harmonic filter component rating, switching transient analysis and stability analysis. Our infinite bus license enables us to tackle any problem, no matter how complex.

As a demonstration of our commitment to this aspect of our business and to share our experience with other users of the software we recently presented a paper on harmonic filter design to the bi-annual user group meeting in Sydney.

The paper can also be found in the Download section of the site. We would welcome any comment to this contribution.


Magnetic fields around air core reactors

Air core reactors are commonly used as shunt reactors, fault current limiting reactors, tuning reactors in capacitor banks, or as thyristor controlled reactors in static compensators. They don’t saturate, are virtually maintenance free and are light and easy to install.

The magnetic field established as a result of the current flowing through the reactor is not constrained to a core as is the case with iron core reactors — instead air core reactors are surrounded by a magnetic field that requires some care in design and application.

We have produced an application note that will assist end users of air core reactors and their consultants in the process of procurement, substation layout design and operation of the equipment.

Optimised Network Equipment has the necessary experience, analytical tools and engineering resources to assist you in all aspects of your air core reactor application.

Protection relays for capacitor banks and harmonic filters

Optimised Network Equipment is now a registered distributor of the range of protection relays provided by Strilke Technologies.

The RLC relay is an industry icon – a protection relay that was specifically designed for line side and unbalance protection of capacitor banks, including capacitor banks with series-connected reactors.

The RLC04-B Protection Relay provides comprehensive protection for the capacitive, inductive and resistive elements of three phase medium voltage and high voltage shunt capacitor banks and harmonic filter circuits.

The RLC04-B also has protection features such as for fundamental and harmonic overcurrent and overvoltage, as well as over temperature conditions and residual earth currents.

Launch of active harmonic filter range

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our product range.

The MaxSine Compact active harmonic filter offers the latest technology in a compact design that is packed with features. Here is a short list:

  • Ultra fast compensation with response times less than 1 ms
  • Compensation of harmonic current or reactive power or both
  • Ability to balance line currents
  • Three-wire and four-wire (three phase and neutral) solutions available
  • Operation with open loop, closed loop and summation CT solutions
  • Dual operation modes enables completely separate setups under emergency conditions

The MaxSine Compact communicates by means of an Ethernet connection and can easily be remotely accessed and controlled via an internet connection.

With applications in all commercial, industrial and mining sectors, we invite you to review the documentation of the device, and contact us if you have any questions.

Call for registration: Training course on harmonic filter design

Optimised Network Equipment is conducting a series of courses on reactive power compensation covering shunt capacitor banks, series and shunt reactors.

We will start the series with a specialised course in the design and application of harmonic filter on 19–20 November 2012, and we invite you to join us for training in this highly specialised but commonly used technology.

The training is aimed at providing experienced system analysts and designers with the necessary skills to carry out comprehensive harmonic impact studies and to come up with suitable harmonic filter designs to meet the requirements for their various applications.

An important aspect of the course is to provide an understanding of the practical implications of filter selections from a manufacturing and specification perspective.

The training will take place at the Novotel Hotel in Creek Street in Brisbane. The course will be run over two days starting at 9 AM and finishing approximately 4 PM on each day.

The cost of the training course is $1 850 per person, including lunch and refreshments.

Please confirm your interest in this course by contacting us before 19 October 2012.


Optimised Network Equipment obtains quality management certification

We are very pleased to announce that our quality management system has been accredited to ISO 9001:2008.

Our customers can be sure that when we take on your business, all aspects of offer preparation, bidding, contract management and project delivery are managed strictly in accordance with our quality management system.

Read more about our quality, environmental and safety management policies, and review our ISO 9001 certification. When it comes to solutions for reactive power compensation for your network, you are in safe hands no matter what your application.

Optimised Network Equipment to represent Alstom Grid/Nokian Capacitors in Australia and New Zealand

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the power compensation products manufactured by Alstom Grid Oy (formerly Nokian Capacitors) will now be supported by Optimised Network Equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

Nokian Capacitors has been part of the Alstom Grid group since its acquisition in 2008. In recognition of the importance of the Australian and New Zealand markets to the business, and the special skills, expertise and dedicated attention required for the successful support of power compensation products and services, Alstom Grid has entered into an agreement with Optimised Network Equipment for the promotion and support of this business locally.

We bring the strong commitment to the best quality products and the technical expertise of the factory to our local customers. We aim to serve our customers with the same knowledge of your power system and the application of solid, well engineered and innovative solutions you have come to expect throughout the process of specification, procurement, delivery, installation and lifetime support of your power compensation solutions.

Our new contact details are at the bottom of the page. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you to optimise your network. We look forward to working with you.