Our approach is to be with you every step of the way from problem identification to long term support of equipment in service. Your industry is interesting to us — and our experience allows us to be closely involved in all or any one of the stages of a solution cycle. We are power system engineers and specialist suppliers of equipment. We have extensive experience in power quality and energy measurement, we conduct network analysis using the most advanced software, and our product and system knowledge enables us to design realistic, cost/benefit optimised solutions for you. We can manufacture to your specification, carry out site installation and testing to prove the performance and correct operation of our solution, and we will support your use of the equipment throughout the life of the equipment.
These specific applications are typical:

Low voltage power factor correction

  • Fixed and automatic capacitor banks
  • Detuned capacitor banks
  • Fixed and automatic filter capacitor banks
  • Fast-acting thyristor switched capacitor banks
  • Active harmonic filters

Medium and high voltage capacitor banks

  • Outdoor open type medium and high voltage capacitor banks
  • Tuned and detuned filters, and damped capacitor banks
  • Enclosed indoor and open type medium voltage capacitor banks


  • Shunt reactors to 72 kV
  • Harmonic filter reactors
  • Current limiting reactors from LV to EHV
  • Neutral earthing reactors
  • Inrush current limiting reactors
  • Line impedance matching reactors
  • Special applications